Worldwide oil trading

Libra Fearnley Energy  is a sizeable participant in the oil broking market through its affiliates in Paris, London, Houston and Singapore.  The energy group trades in naphtha, gasoil, LPG, refinery feedstocks, and residual fueloils as well as having pioneered the trade in OTC derivitives in naphtha and LPG.

Libra Fearnley: a highly capable and passionate company

There is no brokerage without trust, and no trust without ethics. Our brokers are excellent intermediaries who combine strong negotiation skills with complete discretion. A sole objective: high quality client service. Each broker is master of his own time and his own work. Only the results count. So many characteristics that forge a competitive and sympathetic spirit of an entire team, our team.

The oil market: a complex and fascinating world

Complex, because it engages companies of all sizes, all nationalities and all cultures. Fascinating because it finds itself at the crossroads of the planet's concerns  (economic, geopolitical, ecological, climatic).

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