About us

Our Group

Astrup Fearnley AS is one of the largest international shipbrokering firms. Established in Oslo for the last 130 years, it has 340 employees worldwide, of whom 210 are brokers. Its activity extend to all spheres of shippong, as well as finance and energy.

Our Activity

For 30 years Libra Fearnley has been acting as an international oil broker. Unique in in its genre in France, Libra Fearnley enjoys an excellent reputation in an extremely closed sphere.

Our clientele

Over 200 oil and petrochemical companies, including “worldwide Majors”, numerous refiners and distributors as well as the majority of oil traders.

Our figures

  • Annual volume of business dealt with by our Paris branch : 30 millions tonnes of oil products and derivatives. 
  • Several thousand contracts  /year, concluded “over the counter” (OTC) on the international market 
  • Staff of 22,  of whom 15 are brokers and 4 are operators