Our Careers



  • These men and women act exclusively as intermediaries between our clients.
  • Their talent: identifying and then addressing the interests of our buying and selling clients, facilitating the conclusion of a fair deal between them.
  • Their aim: continually expand their sphere of activity and the volumes they broke.
  • From our trading room, they are in permanent contact with our clients.
  • They share with them information, which they keep confidential.
  • They know how to develop a solid client relationship based on trust.

Broking physical products : they follow and analyse their specific market on a daily basis: supply and demand, freight rates, cargo movements, product qualities, among others. Broking derivative products : they follow in parallel the physical market of their product and the quotes of the exchange-regulated markets in London and New York to which their clients, by turns sellers and buyers, react strongly.


  • Operators follow up the execution of the contracts concluded by the brokers.
  • They are in permanent contact by e-mail, fax, and telephone with our international clientele.
  • They seek and rapidly transmit all information necessary for successful deliveries.
  • They prepare commission invoices and monitor payments